Interested in losing weight?

I offer an 8 stage weight loss program, customized to each client.

I use Stage 1 (see below) as both an application and a test.

If you are ready and serious about changing your lifestyle, take the challenge and contact me when complete.

I will review your results with you and provide basic recommendations free of charge.

Questions? Email me at: david@wourms.com

Stage 1 Challenge:

  1. Watch this video (all of it):

    • Create a list of questions to research or ask me based on the movie

  2. Try to reduce your “bad carbs” as much as possible, examples of bad carbs here.

    • You do not have to be perfect the first week.  You are simply changing your thought patterns regarding carbs.  

    • Alternatively, here is a list of the foods you’ll be eating eventually, so if you are dedicated, start eating foods from this list.

  3. Create a food Journal and record EVERYTHING you eat. 

    • Note your exercise activities and any “changes” to your body or mind. 

  4. At the end of the week, fill out this form (only the top 5 fields are required). However, the more you complete the more precisely can I recommend:

  5. I will contact you for an initial discussion and to answer your questions based on the movie (and any other questions).

    • I will provide a “general” recommendation for you free of charge.

    • Or sign up to the 3-month program and begin changing your life immediately.

Monthly Subscription Fees:

Helping others.

  • If you continue the program for 3 months, I will donate your initial payment to a registered charity of your choice!

  • If you refer a client to me, I will donate all of your payments to charity!

Individuals: $60/Month
Minimum 3 months up front payment of $180

Couples: $100/Month
Minimum 2 months up front payment of $200

Families: $140/Month (same residence)
No Minimum

The majority of clients only require the first 3 months of support, however I will support you as long as required.

Questions? Email me at: david@wourms.com