Econolodge Crowchild Trail Calgary -- May 2017

              Clean room and great location.  Steps from Denny’s, Boston Pizza and more.  5 min walk to the C-train station (if you walk slow).

          My room (211) had vaulted wood ceilings, not in glamourous way, more of a cabin feel but still very open and airy.  The bed is standard, not too hard, not too soft.  Furniture is dated but goes with the cozy cabin feel and I can’t complain as my clothes are dated as well.  Maybe that’s why I like it, I feel at home.  It also had a balcony which was nice to sit out there and watch the snow fall in Calgary at the end of May.

       If you are visiting someone at the hospital I think you can get a discount, I didn’t ask I just overheard it when I was checking in so don’t take my word for it.  Ask the front end staff, they are friendly.

       I definitely recommend staying here, but if you are OCD then continue to read on for additional details that may affect you.  If not, stop here.

               Not a complaint, but an observation, the shower head is a bit low.  This might be because the tub is elevated off the floor about 6 inches so you do have to step in like you are going over a fence as a kid.  I’m about 5’ 9”, I may be shorter as I hear old people shrink and I’m not a young man anymore.  I had to either bend backward to get my hair wet (dangerous at my age), or bow forward and I REFUSE to bow to anyone, not even a showerhead. 

               The water in the sink goes straight down (no stopper).  For some reason, I was fascinated and annoyed by this, without the splash in the sink everything sticks the sides, which doesn’t bother me but can get crusty for the housekeeping staff quickly.   I guess I could have asked for a rubber stopper but those things are a bit gross even brand new.

               The only thing on the Balcony that might bother you OCD is paint peeling, I had to withhold my urge to start picking it away.

               Let the front desk staff know if any of these things are going to be too much for you, they were very friendly and accommodating when I was there.

David W.Comment