Sperm for Sale

Now that my big spender has left me I'm forced to sell my sperm.   I don't mind though, I want more kids, I just don't want to take care of them personally or financially.  But knowing they are out there would be great.  Especially now that I'm too old to ever have an opportunity to accidentally sleep with my offspring.

< 2k

Until I can get to 3K I can't quit my job, and until it gets to 2K for 6 month the money in the account needs to be spent on something more useful.

Any money donate less than 2k will be paid forward to others but... 

  • the recipient will not be known by me previously
  • the recipient will not know it was from this site or me personally
  • the recipient will not be put on any social media
  • the recipient will not have their photo taken or recorded in any manner
  • the recipient will be free to do whatever they want with the gift, whatever it may be

I will write about why I gave the person/people the money and that's it. If they go to the media they will never know.  Unless someone reads this site and puts 2+2 together.  However, have you looked at the stats page?

As proof you can hook me up to a lie detector and ask me if my story is true and honest.  If I lie I will donate double what I gave away to Donald Trump's Re-election Campaign.

Donate Now!


My Patreon Campaign is not going to well, maybe because it's to hard to say and spell Patreon?

I assure you this money will not be used frivolously , the first 2k donated goes straight to my Daughter's school expenses.    That may sound like a lot but that includes all her tuition and shit and she's a good kid and doesn't use the money I give her for drugs and booze.

I can't guarantee the same, but if you are worried, just donate before it reaches 2k and then be assured your money goes to help a real artist instead of what you see on this particular site...  

Donate, it will make your heart feel good.