< 2k

Until I can get to 3K I can't quit my job, and until it gets to 2K for 6 month the money in the account needs to be spent on something more useful.

Any money donate less than 2k will be paid forward to others but... 

  • the recipient will not be known by me previously
  • the recipient will not know it was from this site or me personally
  • the recipient will not be put on any social media
  • the recipient will not have their photo taken or recorded in any manner
  • the recipient will be free to do whatever they want with the gift, whatever it may be

I will write about why I gave the person/people the money and that's it. If they go to the media they will never know.  Unless someone reads this site and puts 2+2 together.  However, have you looked at the stats page?

As proof you can hook me up to a lie detector and ask me if my story is true and honest.  If I lie I will donate double what I gave away to Donald Trump's Re-election Campaign.

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