Bank Teller

I went to the bank the other day and asked for 18 loonies and 8 quarters.

The teller started pounded on her old fashioned calculator that actually has paper in it and makes that sound that everyone who has ever heard one knows.

She looks up at me and says so that will be $38.  I thought for a second, did the math, and realized she thought I said twoonies not loonies.

I tried again, "no loonies" not twoonies.

Back to the calculator she went.  Ticky Ticky Ticky.

 "Oh $20"

Yes correct.

Now she opens the drawer and doesnt' actually have any loose loonies.  Now she has to lock her station, go into the vault, and come back with a roll of loonies.

After about a minute to stuggle to open the roll I was almost on my way.

Last step is for her to count out all 18 loonies 1 by one on the counter.  She already counted them behind the counter but not she's laying them one by one out on the counter like I'm a child or mentally disturbed person.

I am mentally disturbed, but not in the count your money out 1 by 1 way.  I after all could do those calculations an most simple to moderate math calculations in my head.

So after she made another mistake and only had laid out 17 loonies the transaction was finally complete.

All of this was so I could have change for the Bus because they have no electronic ticket system.

Then 10 min later I walked by a 7-11 where I could buy bus tickets and never needed the change anyway.

David W.Comment