My Responses to this survey

(If I had taken it 4 years ago)

Name: David Wourms

Nickname: Fatboy, Davie, Shithead

Email Address:

Why do you want to lose weight?

Tired of looking at and feeling fat on my body.

Find a romantic partner who isn't overweight. I don't expect anybody thin to have interest in me at the moment.

And to set an example for my daughter. To show her any issue in life can be fixed with determination and dedication.

Why have you been unable to lose weight?

I cannot maintain any exercise program longer than a few weeks or a month. I get bored with exercise. I enjoyed it when I was younger, now it seems ridiculous to me.

I'm okay with diets in the beginning, but again, I get bored quickly and eventually, give up. No one around me really cares if I'm chubby, most people I know are overweight in some fashion.

How quickly do you want to lose weight?

ASAP (doesn't everyone?)

When did your issue with weight begin and why?

In 2005. I was going through a divorce and gave up on caring about weight. I was content to look after my daughter when she was in my care and drink beer and eat pizza and chips when she was not. I didn't exercise at all. Drove everywhere.

I accepted a job that allowed me to work from home and away from the public. I had no face to face interaction with anyone, just on the phone and Internet. Didn't really matter if I gained weight as I was only interacting with family or friends.

What are you willing to sacrifice to lose weight?

  • Time

  • Physical Discomfort

  • Emotional Discomfort

Which diet or exercise programs have you tried in the past with success? 

Exercise. In the past if I gained a bit of weight I would simple start exercising, mostly with weights and running on a treadmill. Normally within a few months I would be back to a healthy looking weight. This normally occurred when ending one relationship and wanting to start a new one.

If successful why have you not returned?

I'm tired of exercising. I don't care if I never lift another weight in my life. I like to walk, but even that gets boring by yourself.

Which diet or exercise programs have you tried in the past that failed?

Atkins. I couldn't understand the formula, never saw any results after 3 weeks.

What is your weight preventing you from accomplishing in your life?

Living an active lifestyle with a partner who can do the same. Finding a partner I'm interested in.

What health issues do you have which you believe is caused by your diet or weight?

  • Type 2 Diabetes.

  • Sleep Apnea.

  • Snoring.

  • Body odor.

  • Eye and ear infections.

  • High blood pressure.

  • High cholesterol.

  • Depression.

  • Anxiety.

What other health issues are you concerned about?

Having a heart attack or stroke. Dying in my sleep.

Please give an example of an average day's food intake. Quantity, item, hour of day eaten.

Morning: Bagel or bread with cheese whiz. Or Tim Horton's breakfast sandwich.

Lunch: Sandwich or leftover supper food or fast food if out and about.

Dinner: Pasta, casserole of some sort(hamburger helper), soup, burgers, pizza or take-out if daughter is not home.

Evening: 4-6 beer, potato chips, more of whatever supper was, if daughter not home — fast food.

Who do you have in your life who will support you in your weight loss journey?:

100% supportive will be my daughter. Family & friends maybe 25% supportive.

Who do you have in your life who will be a negative influence or unsupportive? Please include their relationship to you, friend, family, etc.:

Anyone I know who is also overweight. Everyone has advice, but when you actually try and do something all they can do is pick it apart piece by piece.

Are you and emotional eater? Yes

Do you only feel happy with a full stomach? No

Are you a reactive eater? Reaching for comfort food under times of stress? Yes

How much a week do you spend on groceries, eating out, and liquor? $300 ish

What are you passionate about in life? Either now or in the past?

Nothing at the moment.

In the past I wanted to be a photographer. When that failed I wanted to be an entrepreneur and own a business that made lots of money. I have never had an interest in working for others (or with others).

I wanted to travel the world and be a famous photojournalist. Telling people's stories through photography and writing. I feel it's too late now.

On a scale of 1-10 how serious are you about changing your lifestyle? 8.

Any other information you feel is pertinent to your situation. Do not withhold. Now is your opportunity for change?

I know I'm on a destructive path, I assume my heart isn't great but I can't even bring myself to go see a doctor. I just don't care. I hate my job. I only continue with it as it allows me to work from home and be there for my daughter.

I have nothing that interests me more than a few hours, days, or at most months. A video game seems to last the longest at a month, but even then I need something new.

I have no interest in repeating the same activity over and over again. I used to like to hike, but I've seen everything I care to see around Calgary. I have no interest in going to places I've already been. I can remember it or I've taken photos.

I can't do the gym anymore. For a while I can bring enough movies downloaded on my phone or watch the TV's there, but it just seems pointless.