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January 26, 2019

I normally don’t share this video immediately, however I think your ready and this explains my whole body approach. I think Keto gives your body the tool, and then depending on your ailment focuses on the worst first and the least last. I’m finally getting rid of the wrinkles around my eyes (and the dark circles) (and bags) which seemed to take the longest to heal. I do not know why, but who cares? It’s a process and I don’t have any hot prospects in these parts of Saskatchewan anyway. And if I did find one I’m probably related to them (I’m okay with 2nd cousin).

However, documentary about Keto here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mzysa4ync2ny6vo/the.magic.pill.2017.480p.web.x264.rmteam.mkv?dl=0

If you have troubles playing the file let me know.

January 19, 2019

This is technical but important. Fasting and Keto create an environment where Autophagy is possible.

When activated your body is healing at the cellular level. How long it takes depends on how bad your system is.

I believe it works on your biggest problems first, but I have no proof. It’s just a “Dave Theory”

This doctor uses the word Autophagy WAY too many times! But her message is accurate. And although you and I are not “Baby Boomers” we are close to that era.

The key point here is Autophay (healing) only takes place if you are fasting. (even just part of the day)

And she is 100% accurate, it’s very hard to go from a carb based diet to fasting, but from keto to fasting is not hard at all because the body has nothing to withdraw from.

What she doesn’t explain in this video, but she does in others is how burning body fat, creates Ketones for fuel in the brain and body.

I feel that is as important as Autophagy as your body and BRAIN reacts and feels different on a Ketone than a Carb.

If I was still on a carb based brain I would be dead by now. And if you don’t believe me listen to the podcast below.

January 16, 2019

Below is the first episode in a podcast I was thinking of doing. It has a few timing and tone issues and you have to know a bit about my personal life to get all the references (which you do). However, the story is true and I wish I could say this was rock bottom, but it wasn’t.

I would listen alone and without interruption…. but you are an adult and can do as you please.

It’s only 10 min long!

I was much larger than this but to ashamed to record it.

June 16th, 2018