Starbucks Mobile Orders

Your mobile system needs some work.
For the most part the app works ok, there are two major issues with your system though.
1.     No two stores seem to have the same method for distributing the order.  Some leave it behind the counter, some leave it by the mobile order sign, some places call your name out, some don’t.  So basically you have no fricken idea what the system is when you go into a new location.
2.    The tie to inventory isn’t so great either, often I will order a breakfast sandwich only to find out they are out of them.  And of course the only way to know that is to wait around for 7 minutes, and then go ask them if they got the order, then they tell you they don’t have it and would I like something else?  Yes I would like something else thank you, but now I have to wait another 7 minutes or more because your app is not properly tied to Inventory.   


David W.Comment