Animal Rights

I knew it was coming sooner or later.  A post about Animal Rights.

I was going to post what I thought was going to be a funny note about how dolphins are not as smart as they seem when I saw this video of a Beluga Whale.

I'm no fucking scientist, but that Beluga is intelligently interacting, I wonder if it was trained or designed?

Also notice how it ignored the adult acting like a child and played with the real children in the room who acted like excited children.

I'm not saying the adult needs to be stoic or anything, but maybe let the kids have their turn first then go up to the glass like an idiot and jump around, blow kisses, and try to get the attention of the intelligent creature behind the glass.

And to the person that labeled the video "Beluga scares little kids" please change it, scared kids don't laugh.  He's making them laugh, maybe for his own amusement.  Or maybe he hopes that one day when those kids grow up they'll remember this moment or better yet rewatch this video and see the intelligence in this whale and make the decision not to take their kids there and then he can finally go free in the St. Lawrence again, I suspect he would rather die free for a day than a lifetime in a cage.

This is also why he ignored the adult.  She should have known better.

My apologies to the Beluga if it's a she.

But to the people keeping the whale in captivity please stop. 

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