Don't piss off bored Journalists

Don't poke the bear Donald, if CBS reporters are willing to stand up to you one day, sooner or later, all your secrets will come out.

What do you think all those journalists went to school?  To write down quote from Spicer?  I doubt it, who would trust those shifty eyes.

Journalism is in decline because of social media, the reporters think it helps them but it doesn't.  It's just easier than getting an actual quote from a source.

Get back to investigative reporting and blow the lid off this thing somebody.


Canadian Bacon

I was wondering about Canadian bacon the other day, because that is what you do when you are homeless and living on the street in your North Face hoodie and MEC clothing and gear.

I think it's a boneless pork loin that is cured in the bacon process.

This seems reasonable because I know that is a more expensive cut of meat but I'm not really sure.

However, I've decided that instead of Googling it and finding the truth I'm just gonna start telling that story as I used to be a butcher so I have some real deep insight into this subject matter.

I normally use it as a pickup line so I'll let everyone know how it goes.

I post this under the Trump category as I think he would approve on all my actions/comments.

God Bless you Donald


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Trump should use my example as a Tweet disclaimer.

This Tweet is 33% True, 33% False, 31% Satire, 1% Crap, 1% Pure Genius, and 1% Unknown.

That would answer any possible question from the press.

President Donald J. Trump,

You can have this advice (and now copywritten material) for free!  No charge between buds.

I can see your tower from my balcony. 

(And if you feel like it I could use a free room at your hotel next month)